Style Icon: Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan is considered one of the most influential women in the world. From her strong, reasoned and intellectual voice in matters of charity, peace, women and the Arab world, to her incredible grace, elegance and style, Queen Rania portrays herself as a queen without needing the title.  She exudes strength in character, honesty, graciousness, intelligence and more… all packaged up in her eye catching and impeccable fashion sense.  From smart dresses, stylish skirt and top pairings to casual jeans and a blazer, she constantly exudes luxurious style, class, confidence and strength.  Born in Kuwait and having studied at the American University of Cairo, Queen Rania’s classic Middle Eastern beauty makes it easy to see why women look to her for style inspiration, and gives way to our new fascination with “royal fashion.”

Queen Rania is involved with several different organizations meant to better the world. As a mother of four, education and health are two of the biggest causes she fights for. She believes in giving children the proper chance to have the best education and all the tools to shape them into strong individuals. Globally, Queen Rania is recognized for encouraging a cross-cultural dialogue between people of different nationalities and faiths. She believes it is her duty to address and correct misconceptions about the Arab world and has done a stellar job giving people a new view and fresh perspective. 

What also sets Queen Rania apart from several of her royal counterparts is her presence on and frequent use of social media. On both Facebook and Twitter, she connects with people all over the world and discusses the initiatives she that are close to her heart. In 2009 she conducted her very first twitter interview, answering questions posed to her by her more than two million followers. Her willingness to make herself easily accessible via social media has made Queen Rania a royal for the modern age.

With one of the loudest and strongest voices promoting a new view of the Arab world and the Arab woman and sharing her concerns for the future of her people and the world, several of the world’s most influential people have recognized Queen Rania’s work.  So much so that Forbes magazine named her one of their 100 Most Influential Women in 2011. Her great influence, powerful work, grand style and her accessibility to the people of the world is sure to keep her on that list for many years to come.  We are proud to share Queen Rania as our new Style Icon inspiration.